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How To Give Your Bathroom Peddle Bin A Chic New Look

Turning a modern shiny bathroom peddle bin into an attractive chic bin is relatively easy and gives a fantastic finished result that you can tailor to your bathroom decor.

I had previously and successfully decoupaged a couple of stainless steel kitchen canisters, so I thought I would see if I could create a chic bathroom waste bin from an ordinary run of the mill stainless steel peddle bin. The end result was certainly impressive!

Step 1 - First I thoroughly cleaned the steel exterior and let it dry. Then to provide a key base coat I painted all external surfaces with Rust Oleum chalk paint, then I applied a durable coat of eggshell to provide a non porous base to decoupage onto.


Furniture Painting Guide To Creating a Fantastic Shabby Chic Look

Want to be inspired to change the look of your furniture? Shabby Chic is incredibly versatile and is a relatively easy look to achieve.

Painting furniture can rejuvenate tired looking or out of date furniture giving it a fresh new look. The transformations can be quite staggering and you can also gain a wonderful sense of pride and achievement with the finished look.

Is it easy to do? That's a good question, so consider my experience as I took the plunge to Shabby Chic a pine chest of drawers I had in my hallway. We (talking about my husband and I) had this pine chest of drawers in our hallway for many years, but as time had gone by it no longer fitted our home decor, and after all, antique pine really isn't in vogue anymore.


Shabby Chic Candlesticks - From Drab to Fab in 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to make Shabby Chic Candlesticks that take pride of place in your home? drab-brown-candlestick-pre-shabby-chic-treatment

There are lots of old fashioned dark brown wood home decor items that sit in charity shops and car boot sales that are too good to throw out but are not "in vogue" anymore, and candlesticks are one of those items.

After modernising many of these candlesticks I thought I would write this blog to inspire you to have a go, it's not that difficult so any novice crafter can achieve satisfying results.

I bought these at a low price from eBay because I liked the shape, but as you can see even grandma would hide them away in shame!


How to Shabby Chic a Jewellery Box

Want to Turn an Old Fashioned or Unwanted Jewellery Box Into a Shabby Chic 'Masterpiece'? I was amazed to find that some people even with relatively basic craft skills were turning old fashioned and unwanted jewellery boxes into beautiful shabby chic and a modern usable items. So I thought, "I'll have a go at that!" I was surprised how easily they can be transformed. Just like old wooden furniture that can undergo a dramatic transformation into desirable pieces, this is the same thing but on a much smaller scale. So where do you start?


Interesting Facts You Should Know About Shabby Chic

Do You Love Shabby Chic? - Almost everywhere you look these days you see Shabby Chic in one form or another, from the smallest home decor items to large furniture up-cycling and restoration and even to homes that are extensively themed on the wonderfully inspiring Shabby Chic.

So what exactly is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is a look that takes relatively worn, antique furniture or vintage accessories and creates a visually appealing design to the eye of the beholder that is both elegant and popular. Their appearance is generally enhanced by painting and then lightly and carefully stripping back the paint by sanding or scrubbing the top layers, especially the edges to reveal the delicate features of the item. By creating this distressed look it is a beautiful way of transforming and bringing back to life a perhaps once dark or drab looking item so as to display it in a modern and fairly unique way. It must be noted however that it does take a certain degree of skill, because if over done the end result can be decidedly unattractive.


The Alma Market Are Now Selling Beautiful Products From Sass & Belle

Sass & Belle products have become a popular, recognised and a desirable brand in Europe and beyond. Their beautiful products are branded under the tagline 'for the little things in life' and are designed to make customers smile through original and happy designs.

As an innovative gift, home decor and homeware brand, Sass & Belle products are certainly loved because they are created with exciting and original trend-led designs. More over, their desirable home decor products are also certainly affordable so can be enjoyed by many.

The Alma Market is very pleased to offer such attractive quality products from the Sass & Belle range.  These gorgeous home decor gifts & accessories definitely make a very welcome addition to The Alma Market’s existing home decor range.



The Alma Market Launches Its Shabby Chic & Vintage Inspired Gifts & Homewares Online Site

Welcome to The Alma Market, I’m Val Turner and I’m delighted to announce the launch of my online shopping website 'The Alma Market', dedicated to providing a wonderful selection of shabby chic, vintage inspired crafts and homewares.

I live in South Devon and for many a year I’ve had a passion for craft and vintage items. I have a dedicated craft room in my home where I love to hand finish, hand decorate or hand paint items such as jewellery boxes or

candlesticks to give them a new lease of life. Using Shabby Chic techniques, decoupage, stencilling and other craft skills to refurbish and decorate items is so  rewarding as I see

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