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How To Give Your Bathroom Peddle Bin A Chic New Look

How To Give Your Bathroom Peddle Bin A Chic New Look in 5 Easy Steps How To Give Your Bathroom Peddle Bin A Chic New Look in 5 Easy Steps

Turning a modern shiny bathroom peddle bin into an attractive chic bin is relatively easy and gives a fantastic finished result that you can tailor to your bathroom decor.

I had previously and successfully decoupaged a couple of stainless steel kitchen canisters, so I thought I would see if I could create a chic bathroom waste bin from an ordinary run of the mill stainless steel peddle bin. The end result was certainly impressive!

Step 1 - First I thoroughly cleaned the steel exterior and let it dry. Then to provide a key base coat I painted all external surfaces with Rust Oleum chalk paint, then I applied a durable coat of eggshell to provide a non porous base to decoupage onto.

Adding key base coat rust oleum chalk paintAdding 2nd base coat of rust oleum chalk paint

Step 2 - To complement my bathroom decor I chose taupe decoupage napkins with a delicate white French style printed design. (which I had bought off eBay for very little cost) When using napkins for decoupage you have to separate the top layer from the other layers, there are usually 3 layers, use only the top printed layer. I lightly dampened the edges and gently tore away the damp paper to create a softer edge. I then used ModPodge decoupage glue to adhere the tissue napkin to the parts of the bin I wanted covered. A note of advice, please be careful not to use too much glue as the tissue paper is very thin and delicate and tears easily. Gently smooth on the tissue paper as you go with a soft clean dry brush.

Using napkins for decoupage









Step 3 - I then wanted to paint the areas I hadn't decoupaged with similar colour paint to the napkins, so I mixed up some taupe coloured emulsion and painted all the areas I wanted to cover. I then mixed up some small amounts of similar taupe colours and with a makeup sponge I dabbed on different shades to create a mottled sponged effect to disguise the obvious separation line of the taupe painted areas and the decoupaged areas, this not only blends the two areas but gives a nice 'aged look' effect.

Dabbed on different shades of paint to create a mottled sponged effect









Step 4 - Next, to blur the boundaries even further I used a stencil with a similar design to the white design on the napkin and with white paint I stencilled on and above the line of separation trying to match up the design on the napkin helping to blend the overall design. I then used a different stencil and stencilled a gold swirl design to help give the overall effect some definition and to add a touch of luxury.

 Further painting and stencilling Adding some attractive gold stencilingPainting and stencilling to blur the boundaries

Step 5 - To finish off I lacquered all of the painted and decoupaged areas with 2 coats of furniture lacquer. This not only seals from moisture but also provides a good durable surface that is easy to keep clean.

Adding furniture lacquer to seal, protect and water proof

Adding furniture lacquer to seal and provide a durable easy to clean surface

So there you have it, a simple and very cost effective way of transforming an ordinary household item into a unique and bespoke piece for your home. Why not use your imagination and have a go yourself, you may surprise yourself at the results.

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