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How To Seriously Improve your Health and Wellbeing with a Natural Health Supplement called Protandim.

Most people strive for good health and wellbeing as this is essential to supporting and leading a happy life day to day. As a highly effective and natural health supplement, Protandim’s proven science is reversing over 200 diseases.  

Yes, diseases such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, MS, Fibromyalgia, Dementia, high blood pressure and many more. That's what grabbed my attention. Curious?

I was introduced to Protandim in February 2017 and it immediately caught my attention and curiosity to know more. Having carried out due diligence with extensive research I


How To Make a Wheelie Bin Shelter from Pallets

Making a wheelie bin shelter is a relatively simple and easy to do job that requires just a couple of basic tools. The shelter can be fairly stylish, ultimately practical and can fit in nicely with your environment. Make to any size and hide-away those unsightly bins from view.

My bins were previous hidden out of view by trellis work that had ivy growing to obscure them. However, the ivy was rampant and needed to be cut back regularly, a 'chore' that I did not look forward to in the least!

I've seen a number of ideas online on what pallets can be used for, and constructing a wheelie bin shelter was one of them, so I decided it was time for a change. Having removed the trellis and ivy I went about acquiring quite a few pallets. Some I managed to get from highway construction workers who were widening our local road and some from an industrial unit on a trading estate who left them outside for local collection.

Step 1 - Dismantling the pallets as far as needed. This I have to admit was the most difficult task as pallets tend to be extremely well constructed and made to last. Using a rotary saw with a blade that cuts through nails seriously reduced the work load. A claw hammer and bolster were used to prise the wood slats apart. A crowbar would have

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