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Colclough China Teaware - A Story to Tell

Colclough Bone China Teaware Colclough Bone China Teaware

Do You Have a Love of Colclough China?

Many people have a love of Colclough China and I’m certainly one of them. Ever since I purchased my first little vintage trio of cup, saucer and side plate, I was hooked! I soon came to appreciate the delicate and beautiful patterns that Colclough had to offer. What I love about this vintage teaware is its delicately rich colours that draw the eye and excite the heart. Take for example the Colclough Harlequin pink bone china trio that is enriched

 with goldcolclough harlequin pink trio consiting of teacup saucer and sideplate gilding on the rim and base. Undeniably it has a richness in colour that is strikingly beautiful, wonderfully indulgent and elegant.



 A Brief History of The Colclough China Company

So who or what is Colclough? The Colclough company, as the name implies, was founded by Herbert Joseph Colclough in 1890. He was certainly a man of importance as he once held the position of   Mayor in Stoke-on-Trent. Joseph was passionate about pottery and loved developing new designs, which certainly show because they are reflected in the many beautiful and distinctive designs that     are found on his chinaware.

In 1913 Joseph Colclough was visited by King George V and Queen Mary who bestowed upon him the royal licence for his company to produce Royal Vale China which is so popular with collectors today.

As you can imagine it was an exciting time for expanding the company and subsequently during the 1930's Colclough China Limited started to produce the tea and dinnerware that we are so familiar with today, now making it an important part of antique bone china history. Interestingly they were the first company to start production of fine bone china for the everyday market by producing and selling smaller pieces, avoiding the need for large tea sets to be purchased first, thus opening up the market to many more customers.

As time progressed, Colclough China Limited continued to merge and expand. In 1948, it took over Booths and Adderley and then in the early 1950's merged again to become the Ridgeway Company, calling itself "Ridgway, Adderley, Booths & Colcloughs Ltd" before renaming itself to Ridgway Potteries Ltd from Feb 28th 1955.

So where is Colclough today? We only have to go back a relatively short period of time because Colclough and Ridgeway became part of the Royal Doulton Group in the early 1970's.  However, in 1996, Colclough production discontinued and manufacturing ceased.

As with most things appealing housewares that are discontinued, the demand, even after a short period of time begins to rise, and Colclough is no exception. There is undoubtedly a lot of Colclough China around, however to find good quality teaware and teasets needs patience for the discerning vintage teaware collector to find the desirable pieces. There is quite an active market on eBay and little treasures can still be had for a reasonable price. Fine bone china pieces can also be discovered in charity shops, car boot sales and other such places, but you have to have a discerning eye and be quick on the uptake as vintage teaware does not stay around for long.

Colcough, The Pride and Joy of Many

So here I am, a modest collector and seller of highly sought after vintage teaware and tea set collections through my website, The Alma Market. Like so many others, vintage teaware has became part of my life, a pride and joy, that has taken me down a pleasant journey of adventure as I look high and low for these wonderfully vintage inspired tea items so that can I help many others to also relive the quintessential English tradition of 'teatime'.

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